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Williams Reviews the Reviews of The Wrestler

marisa-tomei_the-wrestlerI just got home from watching The Wrestler, and if you’ve seen it, you don’t need anyone to tell you how good it is. It’s the first movie I have ever watched that had me running home to look online for reviews, just so I could see what people had said about it, and see if I agreed or disagreed. After a half an hour on … I was appalled. Continue reading


Williams Reviews That Cute Check-Out Girl at the Grocery

42-15421888So I went out for my monthly trip to the grocery store (I was running low on beer … and beer nuts) and as I passed by aisle 3 … wow. The cutest Chinese girl imaginable was there bagging groceries. Or perhaps she was Japanese, or even Korean … I can’t tell the difference, and I’ve accepted the fact that I never will, and I really don’t care anyway. It’s beside the point, which is that none of the groceries I have ever bought in my life have been so fortunate as to have been handled and bagged by a female this attractive.  Nor, for that matter, have I. Continue reading

Williams Reviews “Doubt”


Doubt, adapted from the famous play by John Patrick Shanley, who directs, is the story of a progressive priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who is targeted for destruction by a cold, traditionalist mother superior (Meryl Streep). Or, according to my girlfriend, it is the story of a disgusting, paedophile priest (Hoffman) who is thwarted in his efforts to molest juicy young altar boys by a perceptive, courageous mother superior (Streep). Continue reading