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from one sad little boy to another: “Where the Wild Things Are” looks through me

Max “Reviews”: Where The Wild Things Are – 3.5 stars out of four.

I think when I first saw “Where The Wild Things Are”, I disliked it for not being perfect. Of course it isn’t. That’s kinda what’s so perfect about it, you know?

Has there ever been a movie that captured so astutely, and seemingly so effortlessly, the loneliness of being young (even if you’re old)? The irrational fear of not being loved when you are so loved, the pent-up frustration without proper outlets, the belief of your own infinite importance. Angry sadness, sad angriness. The mood swings. The longing for a mother’s love.

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5 cups of coffee: A Fevered Review of “Shutter Island”

Max Reviews: “Shutter Island” – 1.5 stars out of four.

I have caught a lot of flack lately for some ill-advisedly dismissive Facebook statuses in regard to Martin Scorsese’s latest offering, which I will admit were designed simply to provoke reactions from what I thought (correctly) would be the hoards of supporters. And while I do admit to being a troll in my succinct kiss-off, I simply cannot tolerate being dismissed as any sort of contrarian or film-school snob (my actual film-school snobs would take offense to this – I was the one who loved “Avatar” after all). So I thought I would take a moment to clarify what exactly it was I did not like about “Shutter Island”, and hopefully inspire some spirited discussions this time instead of the juvenile name-calling that arose upon the first go-around.

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