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5 cups of coffee: A Fevered Review of “Shutter Island”

Max Reviews: “Shutter Island” – 1.5 stars out of four.

I have caught a lot of flack lately for some ill-advisedly dismissive Facebook statuses in regard to Martin Scorsese’s latest offering, which I will admit were designed simply to provoke reactions from what I thought (correctly) would be the hoards of supporters. And while I do admit to being a troll in my succinct kiss-off, I simply cannot tolerate being dismissed as any sort of contrarian or film-school snob (my actual film-school snobs would take offense to this – I was the one who loved “Avatar” after all). So I thought I would take a moment to clarify what exactly it was I did not like about “Shutter Island”, and hopefully inspire some spirited discussions this time instead of the juvenile name-calling that arose upon the first go-around.

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